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Shake N' Bake Animatronic Prop
Shake N' Bake Animatronic Prop
Haunted House Props
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Shake N' Bake Animatronic Prop - The Shake and Bake Halloween prop is the realistic representation of a man dying on an electric chair. The movement comes in 2 phases : the insane thrashing and the high speed vibrating. Due to the violent movement, the chair is constructed out of entirely welded metal. Smoke is channeled through the metal coming out at the hands and feet. The switch is thrown and screaming, thrashing, smoke and the sound of electricity assaults the senses. Includes real industrial electrical switch mounted on base with stand, beacon light, tape player, tape, fog machine, amp with speaker, and all necessary cords. Requires A/C power and 125 psi air compressor.

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Sales ID: 15DU1929
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